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Cade Hawkins

Where are you based?:
Michigan, USA
When did you start in the Industry?:
In around 2014, more recently in 2016
Areas of Expertise?:
Writing, script writing, voice Acting. Many goofy cartoon-style voices to choose from.
What voice genders and ages can you do?:
Male, young, old, middle aged, baby, strange, strange female
What is your native language?:
English, US
What services are you prepared to do?:
Promos, Videogames, TV shows and movies, Movie and game trailers, Podcasts
What are your delivery capabilities?:
Skype, Email
Tell us about your equipment:
I use an XLR setup, a Zoom U22 interface and an AT2020 Condenser Mic. I save all of my files in Flac format unless otherwise requested differently.
Who have you recently voiced for?:
Comic dubs on my personal channel mostly, though I've been cast as Sheldon for MLaaTR Rebooted.