About Us


You may have seen or heard via Facebook that the VAU is changing and has a new page.

The new group is a "closed" group; Only people who come across as serious about VO with a professional attitude and presentation (even if they are novices) will be accepted.

And we have lots of beginners who participate.


Yes, you will have to ask to join the new one.  (People won't be transferred automatically.)  The name is "VAU - Voice Artists United".

To make this a more-or-less automatic thing, please put some info in your FB profile about your aspirations and/or experience as a voice artist/voice actor... and definitely put your acting/VO/radio experience in there somewhere.


Facebook has a reputation for being a place for family, "pals", and adolescents... i.e., "light", not professional.

This is one of the reasons we have created a new page and have begun implementing some new rules.

We want VAU to be friendly and "intimate", but we also want to be very professional on Face book.

With 333 members (as of March 30 2011) we still have only 25 or 30 people who participate regularly.

Participation means asking questions, sure, but also helping to answer them when you can or posting interesting VO information you found on the Internet.

It also means hooking into a Skype conference from time to time, even when we don't have a celebrity guest speaker.

(And I assure you, those conferences are great too.)  We want to be a serious resource for new and established voice artists.


One of the reasons we've made this change is that many members only participate when we have a "star" in a teleconference.

They don't post, ask questions, or help others with problems... they just sponge off of the "big guns" who are members or VIPs in conferences.


If you are a novice who's serious and really wants to get a foot in the door to VO work, than VAU is the place to do it.

If you are already in the business, but not yet one of the "stars", VAU is for you too.

And if you ARE one of the "stars", we appreciate your presence.

We respect you and may ask questions from time to time, but we won't abuse your kindness.

This is what VAU stands for.  Community, pure and simple.


All we ask from you after that is that you read the posts and "documents" (certainly from the administrators) and be a real member of the community that is Voice Artists United.  Participate: even if you are at a novice level.

If you see useful VO info elsewhere on the Internet, post it and share with the group.

If people put demos up and ask for feedback, try to give them a listen and comment.


For VO novices and pure "beginners" to be added to VAU:

We want to help beginners, but you have to help us keep things professional, too.


Sorry, but having an "interesting voice" or friends who like your character voices and imitations at parties just isn't enough.

(There are lots of other groups on social media and the Internet where you can find what you need if that's your situation and, if you practice, we may very well see you here someday.)


Flesh out your FB profile with some real VO aspirations or experiences and certainly include, if you have them, your acting, voice acting, radio experience, training or anything that shows commitment to or experience in the VO world.


Reinforce your technical skills for social media and computing.

By learning how to use your computer, Skype, Facebook and VAU, you're making a great start.

Other sites are great, but they can wait for the moment.  Get skilled with the basics first.

Now, using whatever recording equipment you have (when you start, it's your voice skills that are the most important thing), put a couple of your VO recordings (script readings of straight or character voices) on a file hosting site like YouSendIt or MediaFire and post the links on VAU so we can give you some feedback.

Show us what you've got and we'll help make it better. (If you aren't sure how to do that, ask and we'll help with that too!)


The voice over community is great ... especially on VAU... and it will "give you the shirt off of" its back, but only if you are present and show that you participate in the community.  Starting with VAU is a good choice since every level of success and experience is represented with a minimum of "self-marketing" and spam.

But try to limit your time being a "lurker".  That means, don't just visit and read... participate.  For example, if you are an actor even without mic experience, I'm sure you can help VOs who never acted or had actor's training in their lives.


Keep taking VO advancement and your VO "adventure" on the Internet seriously, participate, respect others (whatever their level of experience), don't take advantage... and you can be sure VAU members will be there to try to give you a leg up when you need it.


Welcome everyone to the VAU experience!


The Administration