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10 Thing A VO Artist should never Do!

Before we get into the Blog, I want to give credit where credit is due. Carol Rathe at (a site I work with) was graciously kind enough to send me some of her blog posts which I'll be posting from time to time. ( I want to say "Thank You" to here)..."Thank you Carol! We are all busy and writing is not a measure I have a great deal of time for so I asked a few friends to help. That being said you will see posts from prominent figures in the Voiceover community right here at the VAU. We all have the same desire: Make the voiceover community great and to maintain the VALUE OF OUR Work! There will always be those that are willing to do more for less and destroy what those before us have worked so hard to establish ( My next Blog). Stay professional and you can always garner your rate! Now into the blog. 

10 Things a Voice Talent Should Never Do 

An Ethical Voice Artist Will Never:

  1. Share your original script with any third party without your express permission (other than recording engineers who are working on the project).
  2. Share their recording of your original material without your express permission.
  3. Share their recording prior to air or distribution.
  4. Knowingly voice a TV commercial for a product in the same category as another commercial they had voiced for the same market and during the same air dates. (This is called product exclusivity, and only applies if their voice is recognizable. There is no exclusivity in radio commercials without a written agreement and additional compensation.
  5. Negotiate terms or rates directly instead of through their agent.
  6. Malign the script or the product.
  7. Schedule another recording session at the same time they have committed to your recording session, regardless of the compensation. (But if another offer comes in, they can certainly ask if you’re able to reschedule.)
  8. Arrive at the session without preparing the script you’ve provided.
  9. Refuse to record updates or changes, provided normal revisions rates are offered.
  10. Be late.

GO VOICES represents professional voice over actors who have proven records of accountability and ethical behavior, so you can be confident in booking your voice talent through Go Voices. Call or email us at 303-623-2723

Carol Rathe is a former writer/producer and voice talent, and is the owner of Go Voices in Denver. Go Voices represents many of the best voice talent from around the US and the world. The agency is known for its friendly, responsive and helpful service.

Next time you're in contact with Carol, tell her you saw the post and appreciate her input in the community!

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