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A Rookie Mistake

Last week, on the cusp of not feeling well, and terrible... I made an egregious error.

I was recording a spot for the last round of an audition. I knew there was something different about my input levels. It's the kind of thing you know in your head but keep forging forward. Kind of like walking and talking, dropping something and feintly hearing it and discounting it all at the same time. But as the week went on I kept having the same feeling. Had I stopped then and investigated I wouldn't be writing this post. Upon further inspection Of my settings I realize the at some time my gain on my input was turned up past +3 decibels. (It is usually at -3). Needless to say, none of the work I did last week is probably useable. Inside and outside of your studio are 2 different things. What sounds good in, may not sound good out. It's always a good practice to record in, and take or send your audio out to someone with a trained ear to hear. Get past the inner self that has the pride and listen to what your critic has to say. This mistake may have cost me a great job but but the lesson learned was more valuble. I'm not sure how long the gain knob was up but I know to listen to my gut and not my ear in the future. Inkept saying to myself, "something is not right" and I should've stopped and did a thorough check. We are all human, but some of this game is definitly mechanical. My point: Do your level and settings checks before you begin your recording sessions, and you might save time and money.  Peace!----JD

JDsVoiceWorks · 1244 days ago
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