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Just a Thought on VO Blogs

Now don't get me wrong, there are great VO Blogs out there. People like Paul Strikwerda, Dave Courvoisier, Bill Dewees, and Derek Chappell all run great blogs and post very regularly and are quite helpful with tips, videos, services, and rarely an open opportunity or two. The issue that I have with them is the audience they are reaching. The subject of many of these blogs are intended to help fledgling voice actors get ahead. This is where I have my hold up on the subject: that's going to continue to be your audience, fledgling voice actors.

As a voice talent, you run a business. Clients are vital to not only your success, but your survival as a voice actor. Without clients, you are just a dreamer. A dreamer with a talent, yes, but none the less you aren't using it in the way you should. Now, I'm not saying that I have the greatest of alternatives, but I like to do something different. It hasn't gotten me more clients, and still mostly panders to fledgling voice talent, but it's allowed me to put into practice and action what I've learned through voice acting: Google Hangouts. This is a great way to really get out there and have something to show to potential clients. My Google Hangout is called "The VAU Mic Check." It's a free training resource for professional and budding voice talent to actually put their voice to work and have a recording to show to potential clients.

Again, this isn't an end-all-beat-all solution to the audience issue. It's always important to be as creative as possible when targeting a specific audience. To you VO bloggers I say blog on! But think about who is reading, and who you want to be reading.

MichaelMontesVO · 1419 days ago
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