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Kindergarten Nearly Sabotaged Your VO Career

Have you ever been in a setting where someone had to read, and as though they were just plodding along, one word at a time, like they're trudging through muddy water? You're expecting a walk, when they are giving baby steps. It's not their fault, it's the way they were taught.

When we're learning to read, we are taught letters first. Then we move on to words and sounding them out. That then seems to be the default. Sure, we learn the structure of sentences and paragraphs and so on, but many people miss the point. This translates to the fact that people know that you stop talking for a little while when you come upon a period and take a small break at a comma, but what about what's beingcommunicated? That gets lost in the plodding along one word at a time. Sometimes the reader totally mispronounces (or outright changes) a word and the whole idea is thrown off. Sometimes the reader adds a plural suffix to something that needs to be singular (i.e. saying "sometimes" instead of "sometime" in the phrase "sometime soon") and it throws the meaning off. The idea is missed.

Now I get to my main point. As we are learning to read, much of the time we are taught very rigorously the basics, but when it comes to the ultimate purpose of language, it falls off. Every sentence communicates a full idea of some kind. Paragraphs are supposed to communicate strings of similar and supporting ideas. When reading you are meant to read not word by word, nor sentence by sentence, but idea by idea. This is why meaning is lost. You have to ask yourself what is really being communicated? What am I actually telling people? What is the IDEA behind the words?

When you read something idea by idea, rather than word by word or sentence by sentence, you're actually communicating, telling a story, or sharing a thought. Now you're actuallydelivering a script, not just reading it.

MichaelMontesVO · 1417 days ago
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