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THE VAU Networks/CAD Audio 3000

Official Rules Of The Road – The Contest will be conducted in English.

  1. WHO MAY ENTER THE COMPETITION? All active members of Voice Artists United and individuals referred for membership by active members, who meet membership eligibility requirements.


  1. TO BE ELIGIBLE TO COMPETE: You must be an active member of VAU Facebook Group, who has established a Free Voiceover Profile on the Official VAU Website,, or an invited new member fitting the same criteria without a profile, who has been vouched for and invited by a qualifying member. Competitors will not be denied on the basis of Age, Race, Sex, Creed, Religion, Nationality, Disability, and Sexual Orientation, or other social or cultural beliefs. (Although a vow of silence might seriously affect one’s ability to make use of the prizes…)


  1. EXCLUSION CLAUSE: Although membership in Voice Artists United will not be denied on the basis contest eligibility, both individuals without a profile and any invited parties during the contest period not meeting the rules criteria will be deemed ineligible to win. The Staff, Management, Administrators, and Suppliers of CAD Audio and Voice Artists United and their immediate families are not eligible to compete.


  1. THE RACE BEGINS SUNDAY, JUNE 15, 2014 (Fathers Day): Starting time is 12pm (Noon), Eastern U. S. Time and continues until qualified VAU membership reaches 3000 as verified by the panel of judges, or until 12:01am, July 1, 2014, whichever comes first.


  1. HOW TO COMPETE: An announcement will be pinned to the top of the VAU Facebook Group at which time you may begin the race against time and your fellow competitors. Have your list ready! Begin by adding as many of your Voiceover Friends to the group as you can. Keep adding new members! Ignore the Facebook membership count even if it shows 3000, as it will become inaccurate until all new members have been counted and qualified as valid in the contest count by the panel of judges. Invite all of your VO friends and colleagues who are interested and not already members to join Voice Artists United.




(a)    At the designated start time, the membership request queue will be cleared of any pending requests. Those individuals removed from the queue may reapply for membership after the contest concludes or solicit a current member to recruit them during the contest. 


(b) The queue will be reset to allow any member to add new recruits to the group. It not complicated, just type your friend’s name in the “Add People To The Group” box on the right side of the VAU Facebook Group page. BUT… that’s not all!


(c)  To register yourself and each new VO Friend you refer for the prizes. YOU MUST then GO TO OFFICIAL VAU WEBSITE AND CREATE A SUPPORT TICKET OR EMAIL YOUR ENTRY TO Include yours and the name of the potential new member, your VO businesses and websites if established, shipping address and contact information and in a few words, how each of you is connected to the world of Voiceover.


(d) Each potential new member will be verified for membership qualification prior to validation and admittance to the group. Unless deemed ineligible for membership or competition on a case by case basis, the entrant will then be credited with the addition of the new member.




(f)  The race will continue until validated membership reaches 3000 or until 12:01am (Eastern U.S. Time), July 1, 2014, whichever comes first, to be determined by the panel of judges which is comprises of the 8 Voice Artists United Worldwide Network Administrators and/or their designated assignees chosen from among the VAU support staff, at which time the prizes supplied for promotional consideration by Conneaut Audio Devices (also known as CAD Audio) will be distributed.


  1. WHAT HAPPENS TO DUPLICATE REFERRALS: All valid entries will be time-stamped. In the event that multiple members refer the same potential new member, the earliest qualified referral will be credited with the membership add. If an earlier duplicate entry is deemed inadmissible for any reason the credit reverts to the next participant with a qualified entry.


  1. AND THE WINNERS ARE: To be announced on the various Voice Artists United sites, pages and groups on July 4th, 2014.

(a)  The qualified VAU member who refers the new member validated as member #3000 and the new member will each be awarded the grand prizes, consisting of a new CAD Audio, Equitek E100S Condenser Mic, valued at $799.00 list.

(b)In the event that membership does not reach 3000 by the designated contest ending deadline, the Grand Prizes will revert to the qualifying member and new member who were designated closest to the number 3000, as determined by the last time stamped entry received just prior to the deadline.


(c)   The judges will then verify the three (3) contestants other than the grand prize winners with the highest number of validated new members admitted to Voice Artists United Network membership ranks, designating them as first, second and third runners-up. Each will be awarded a set of new CAD Audio, Sessions™, MH510 Studio Monitor Headphones.


(d) Winners are responsible for shipping costs pertaining to delivery of all prizes.


(e) Racers may only be awarded a single prize in this event. Therefore if a prize defaults to another winner in descending order, that winner would receive the newly designated prize in place of, but not in addition to the original award.

(f) If for any reason the prize winners are disqualified, reject or fail to claim the awarded prize within a reasonable period of time (to be determined by the judges), the unclaimed prize will be awarded to the next person in line in descending order. Specifically - should a Grand Prize winner fails to claim or reject the awarded prize, that prize would in turn default to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd runner-up in that order, the third runner-up prize reverting to the VAU prize closet for future giveaway. 


(g) As a final condition of award, the winners agree to provide Voice Artists United Network with favorable, preferably video if available, or at least audio testimony to the quality and enjoyment of the prizes awarded and the benefits derived from membership in VAU.

 (h) The decisions of the judges in all aspects of this competition are final.

THE LEGAL STUFF: By entering the competition, competitors and potential new members agree that they have the intellectual usage rights to all posted materials and pertaining to their entries, images, audio and/or websites and further agree to release those materials for unlimited usage by VAU and/or CAD Audio for promotional purposes, realizing that permission allows for usage of said materials forever, by making them available to the general public and social media community, consisting of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+,  and any and all global and cyberspace areas without compensation . Entrants and referred parties further agree to hold Voice Artists United Networks and CAD Audio blameless both now and forever, for any damages, loss of income or business acumen from the usage of said materials.

Now, get to and get qualified by setting up your FREE Voice-Over Profile! Add your demos and videos if you have them, talk to your VO Friends about joining Your Racing Team and Voice Artists United’s Facebook Group. Get your list together and GET READY TO WIN!

Ladies and Gentlemen… Start Your Search Engines!

THE VAU Networks/CAD Audio 3000


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