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Your Spiritual Health and Voice Over

You might be thinking..."That Has nothing to do with VoiceOver".

What I am going to say has nothing to do with voiceover, but has everything to do with VoiceOver and your business. When I 1st started V/O, I was miserable. Not because I was not booking jobs but because my personal life was in disarray. I was Blessed enough to get pointed in the right direction. Without going in to details, everything in your life is a factor. Your finances, your inter-personal relationships, and your ability to run a business entity.

Your voice…well…that’s last. Until you can find the smile, you’ll never make it the 1st mile. When I started, could do the dark reads but woud bypass anything bright and cheery. I hated the term “it needs more energy”! I didn’t have it to give. I had to get my spiritual life in order (an on-going process) and I had to get the clutter out of my life.  Now some that know me my say, “I never knew that.” or “I know He ain’t talkin’ about me?!” but it’s not about people. Until you can find JOY for yourself everything you do is a crapshoot. I said earlier that I wasn’t booking jobs. I took a whole year before anyone was interested in what I was saying or recording. I didn’t quit and even though I spent hour auditioning and perfecting “my craft” it  took a really long time. The funny thing about craft are that before you put them in the water, you have to make sure they are sea worthy. For me..God has been my Captain and my anchor, and I really needed to do the work to clean up my act.  My point in all of this is simply this: “You”are your business. Without the strongest foundation possible, you can’t expect to be standing when the ground shakes or the levies break. Sure up yourself, to sure up your business and it’s success. —JD

JDsVoiceWorks · 1254 days ago
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