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THE VAU Networks/CAD Audio 3000™ Official Rules Of The Road – The Contest will be conducted in English. WHO MAY ENTER THE COMPETITION? All active members of Voice Artists United and individuals referred for membership by active members, who meet member
Tom_Daniels_VO · 1466 days ago

IT'S NO SECRET! In the span of just 4 short years, VOICE ARTISTS UNITED has become one of the largest networks of working, voiceover professionals on the planet. We're everywhere on social media; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + just to name a few.
Tom_Daniels_VO · 1467 days ago

- To all our members... Welcome to the Voice Artists United Global Network! EXCITING NEWS! The Facebook Group alone has grown by almost a thousand new members in the past 6 months!I'd like to remind everyone that this is NOT JUST A FACEBOOK GROUP. It is a
Tom_Daniels_VO · 1576 days ago

Recently a Voiceover buddy, who is not a member of this group, posed a question. One that I've been asked lately by a number of Voice Artists United group members who are looking to get their start in Voiceover. Let's say you have already computer, interne
Tom_Daniels_VO · 1689 days ago