Ideas for the VAU Training!
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As the New Media Manager of the VAU, I would like to take some of your ideas, as members, that will allow you to get more form the site. Feel free to comment on this topic. I'm still feeling my way around the VAU site myself as a new Staff Member, so bear with me and nudge me if you have to.

   One of the thing I spoke to Chris Kendall about, and that we are both excited to bring to the members is some really useful training...Free! As beginner Talent or even some more advanced pros, we often want to use our income and resources to improve our studios  and sound. Be both agree that you have invest to grow, but sometimes we arelet making a "This or that" choice. What I would like to do is make that choice easier and a fundamentally sound one. I think that it's sound reasoning that If you're getting more out of the site that as members you'll enjoy visiting and feel inclined to participate. Training might include equipment set up, use of equalization or compressors, pre-Amps, session mixing...the list goes on. I would like to help the otherStaff members develop this site to a one stop shop for everything VO! The best idea is the one that's still inside your head waiting to get out! 

Let me know what you think!

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