wireless headphones in a studio environment
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Hello my friends.  It's been 59 years, 11 months, and some weeks, days and hours and minutes since I was born in 1954 so it's my birthday tomorrow and I was hoping that someone out there has a clue as to wireless headphones for use in a studio environment.  What brand, capabilities, the negative/positive side to going wireless and if I decide to go wireless, what do I do with the headphone input jack on my Samson MPL 1502 mixer?  I love that jack.  OK, anyone with studio knowledge knows what I'm talking about, please...talk to me, thank you.  P.S. it's 59 degrees and overcast in Ft. Lauderdale, FL., ouch.


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Yes, go cordless!  Whether yapping at the mic or editing, it frees you up.  Things to bear in mind:  some cordless cans have auto volume levelling, which can give a false impression of what you are recording or checking.  Sound quality is probably never quite so good as corded, so maybe don't mix music on them.

Odd things might happen.  Mine (low cost but nice Philips SHC5100) emit a 19kHz stereo pilot tone, which can find its way to your track.  Only very young people will hear it, but it becomes visible if some picky engineer examines your work with an analyser!   Also consider:  if you've signed a non-disclosure agreement you might in theory breach it if a neighbour overheard your signal.  It can travel 50 metres.   But most likely, the high-priced digital designs would avoid such issues.

Now over to others for that, and the matter of connection to the Samson.