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"The VAU has been so valuable in time and energy. The founder and others who give of their time willingly and happily to educate us all on various facets of the Voice Over world has helped many of us! The VAU gives we who are in the V.O. business a forum to do so. What The VAU has done for me specifically, is that I've been assisted with some tools I've needed to better my V.O. home studio and I know that the VAU will be coming up with potential V.O. jobs as well! Chris and others have been working tirelessly to make the VAU better and better for all of us, thank You!"

Brenda Robinson

Did you know the VAU Website has:

LIVE Broadcast Quality Conference's on a regular basis?

A Conference Recording's Archive with $1000's worth of information in them?

A Free Profile to expose your services to a wider market with Audio, photos, and video's?

Downloadable Software?

Practice Voice Over Scripts?

Member Discounts Area?

Multiple Training Options?

Free In-depth Dedicated Support in all aspects of the Voice over industry?

Member Cafe Chat Facility?

Create and Join a Group?

........Plus Much More!

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