VAU Paypal Giving

We are so proud to announce after a lengthy wait that we are now a recognised charity under Paypal Giving!

Every donation made through Paypal Giving is 100% tax deductible with the charity number: 1110538 Meaning you dont loose out by helping out!

We have worked exceedingly hard over the 8 glorious years of being in the midst of the industry and we will continue to push on and progress as we develop and provide further new services and support for all in the voice over industry!  We have already helped shape the industry, the outlook on the industry, and the access to the industry to so many members that we have lost count and will continue to do so.

We wholeheartedly appreciate each and every one of you for standing by us throughout all these years and most of all the staff that have worked together 100% voluntarily throughout the entire duration to help others in the industry succeed with very little to no cost to them!

Not many organisations can actually say they come close to what The VAU has provided, no matter how flashy they may appear.

So please consider making a donation to Paypal Giving on our behalf and show your appreciation for our efforts and help us to help you!