Why RAC examination before buying a car?

Among the most thrilling investments, you may do is purchase an automobile. Whenever it comes to interpreting the state of the automobile you’re purchasing, though, there might be a lot of anxiety and tension for the huge number of individuals who buy used cars.

That’s where a pre-purchase check enters in useful for quiet as well as an expert perspective.

The bulk of maintenance shops provide pre-purchase examinations, which may cost anywhere from $250 to $500 based on the quality of repair and the kind of car.

While this may seem like a high cost to spend for a vehicle you will or will not buy, the pre-purchase examination offers you the peace of mind that you are choosing a wise and profitable choice, and it benefits to have a professional examine this reason alone.


For years, the RAC inspection Northern Ireland served, but they span the biggest geographical region of any automobile team in the globe.

Pre-purchase checks are available to both members and non-members & occur solely at one of RAC Automotive Services locations. It enables the car to be hoisted and a comprehensive inspection to occur. This pre-purchase check might take anywhere between 45 minutes to several hours, based on the state as well as the age of the car.

Regarding this pre-purchase examination, RAC will give a free auto history analysis, that will involve a thorough history report to see yet if the car was ever written off, hijacked, destroyed, been money owed upon that, or even had the odometer turned back.

Checking the Car’s Background:

Everything that has happened before the Safety belt, windows, and air-conditioning function are all available on the inside.


Lights for the outside as well as the interior/dashboard.

The mechanism for charging/battery:

Examine the condition, the type, the terminals & connections, and the battery level.


Oil level/condition of all fluids, cooling system fuel injector, traction control, chain drives, and belts, mounts, sounds, thermometers and caps, and a manual driving test

Under the skin:

Suspension systems, tire bearings, gasoline hoses, frames, driveshafts, drivelines, and exhaust pipes are all elements that need to be replaced.

Brake pads:

Review of brake pads & discs, as well as the hand brakes and brake lines.

Because their primary concern is security, RAC inspection Northern Ireland doesn’t check the body, painting, or screen components, nor any other internal components.